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H Welcome to Shinkamigoto!

"Shinkamigoto" is the name of an area and city of Japan comprised of small islands located off the coast of Nagasaki in Kyushu. It is perhaps most notable for its Christian influences as a result of historical status as a gateway for international trade entering Japan. The largest industry in Shinkamigoto is fishing, and historically it is a major site for whaling. Shinkamigoto has a large number of cultural festivals, scenic views, and public beaches that are great for entertainment and sightseeing.

This website is here to provide information about Shinkamigoto for English speakers who are interested in the area. The information should let visitors know what points of interest to look for and how to get around in Shinkamigoto. In the contact page, feel free to ask questions or share your own information or media of Shinkamigoto.



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