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Getting to the Island

There's two basic methods for getting to Shinkamigoto on Nakadori Island. Both require that you first get to either Nagasaki or Sasebo. Both have good transportation options, but, typically, traveling from Sasebo is cheaper. Nearly everyone gets to Shinkamigoto by ferry boat, though there is also a small airport.


Ferry rides cost $20-$60 one way, and there are two basic types of ferries available. The fast boats and jet foils take a little over an hour to reach the island. The slow ferries are cheaper, but take about three hours and don't run as often during the day. Making a reservation in advance is usually unnecessary, though if you are traveling during a festival time there's a small chance the ferry could be full, so please take that into account.

Ferry Company Ferry Name Price(Adult)円 Price(Child)円 Duration Ports Contact Note
Iwasaki Group - Misaki Ferry Phoenix (Fast Boat) 3500 3200 Arikawa-Sasebo TEL 0956-56-8282
Iwasaki Group - Misaki Ferry Ferry 1800 900 Arikawa-Sasebo TEL 0956-56-8282
Kyushu Shosen Ferry Namiji 2820 1410 Kamigoto-Sasebo TEL 095-822-9153
Kyushu Shosen Ferry 970 490 Arikawa-Ojika TEL 095-822-9153
Kyushu Shosen Ferry 1480 740 Arikawa-Ukuhira TEL 095-822-9153
Kyushu Shosen Ferry 550 280 Ukuhira-Ojika TEL 095-822-9153
Kyushu Shosen Sea Queen (Fast Boat) 4780 2390 Kamigoto-Sasebo TEL 095-822-9153
Kyushu Shosen Sea Queen (Fast Boat) 1790 900 Arikawa-Ojika TEL 095-822-9153
Kyushu Shosen Sea Queen (Fast Boat) 2660 1330 Arikawa-Ukuhira TEL 095-822-9153
Kyushu Shosen Sea Queen (Fast Boat) 910 460 Ukuhira-Ojika TEL 095-822-9153
Goto Sangyo Kisen Big Earth (Jet Foil) 4760 2380 1.5 hours Kamigoto-Nagasaki TEL:095-820-5588 Online Reservation Service, Ryoma painted on top
Goto Sangyo Kisen Arikawa 3500 2000 1.3 hours Arikawa-Sasebo TEL:0956-23-4106 Online Reservation Service


There is a small airport on the eastern tip of Nakadori Island. At the time of writing, the price and availability of aerial transportation is unknown.

Kamigoto Airport (ICAO: RJDK)

No Image of SiteThis is the small airport located on the east tip of Nakadori island. It generally has a low amount of activity.

Fukue Airport 五島福江空港

No Image of SiteThe southern most island of the Goto Islands, Fukue, has an airport near the city. This airport offers flights to Nagasaki serviced by Oriental Air Bridge and flights to Fukuoka through ANA Skyweb. The Nagasaki flights are priced about 7,000円-11,000円 and the Fukuoka flights about 12,000円-18,000円. For some additional information, you may try visiting Fukue Airport's Wiki page.

Travel on the Island

There are many options available for getting around the island. Because of Nakadori Island's small size, it is possible to circumnavigate the island in a day.


Despite the size of the island, car travel is very common. However, transporting a car to the island on the ferry is very expensive, so it is highly recommended that you rent a car on the island if you wish to travel by car. The rental price for cars are reasonable and commonly used by the native islanders. If you're going to drive, be sure that you have an international driver's license and be aware that many of the streets are a lot more narrow than found in the United States.

Car Rental Company Price 円 Location Contact Note
Arikawa Rental Car 有川レンタカー Arikawa 0959-42-0042
Naraou Rental Car 奈良尾レンタカー Naraou 0959-44-0364
Toyota Rental Car トヨタレンタカー
Naraou 0959-44-1200
Goto Sangyo Kisen Rental Car 五島産業汽船
Toyota Rental Car トヨタレンタカー
Arikawa 0959-53-0100
Shinkou Rental Car シンコーレンタカー 0959-44-1711

Bus & Taxi

The bus network reaches most if not all of the villages of the island. While there are a lot of buses during the day, there are only a few at night, so you may need to consider calling a taxi for late travel.

Bus Company Price 円 Location Contact Note
Saihi Bus 西肥自動車 五島営業所 Kamigoto 0959-52-2015
Kamigoto Tourism Bus 上五島観光交通 Naraou 0959-44-0022

Taxi Company Price 円 Location Contact Note
Wakamatsu Taxi 若松タクシー Wakamatsu 0959-46-2121
Silver Taxi シルバータクシー 0959-52-2247
Tomishi Taxi 富士タクシー 0959-52-2405
Arikawa Taxi 有川タクシー Arikawa 0959-42-0256
Hato Taxi はとタクシー 0959-46-2194
Kyouwa Taxi 共和タクシー 0959-52-2175
Kimihae Taxi 公栄タクシー 0959-55-2068
Misuzu Sightseeing Taxi 美鈴観光タクシー 0959-44-1797


Bicycles on the island are common and convenient. Most bicycles are equipped with a basket on the front and can be rented or purchased from the numerous bike shops. Riding a bike lets one take advantage of the fantastic scenery of the island, though be aware that much of the terrain is mountainous.

Bike Rental Company Price 円 Location Contact Note
Kawatake Marine Cycle 川竹マリンサイクル Arikawa TEL 0956-42-0139