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Hamagurihama (Clam) Beach

No Image of SiteHamagurihama is one of the largest beaches on Nakadori Island. This beach remains shallow far out into the water and is relatively calm. During low tide, one can walk out onto the newly revealed plateau of the ocean bottom.

During swim season, the beach is monitored with lifeguards and medics onsite. There are showers and restrooms, as well as a covered area for bags, supplies, etc. Behind the beach building is a food stand that sells drinks, snow cones, and udon. Behind that is a small playground. Paddle boats and kayaks can be rented at the beach for a fee.

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Saikai National Park: Kurosaki Pass

No Image of SiteThe Kurosaki Pass of Saikai National Park is located between Arikawa and Sakiura. It is a picnic area with a great view overlooking the ocean and nearby towns. There are two covered tables and a small lookout platform with binoculars. On a clear day, one can see many islands and ships from this point.

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Yagatame Park

No Image of SiteYagatame park is a mountain park located on the north-west edge of the island, near the town of Nama. From it, one can look far out into the ocean to the west and the town bay to the east. The area once held a fort, from which archers could shoot down invading enemies such as pirates. It is from this archered fort that the name "Yagatame" is derived.

A sign near the park has a poem about Yagatame that reads, "Yagatame looks beautiful, glowing in the setting sun with the golden waves. For a short time, I fell into a drowse, where the past mingled with the future."

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Hifumi Waterfall

No Image of SiteLocated deep in the forest between Arikawa and Oota, the Hifumi Waterfall is a bit of a hike, but well worth the trip for nature lovers. Near the entrance is a picnic area with a great view of the nearby mountains and many different kinds of trees. With tables, benches, and a patio, this place is ideal for a small reception. The path to the waterfall itself is relatively wide; enough space for the party to hike leisurely up to the waterfall together.

At the base of Hifumi Waterfall, there is a deck with tables and benches for viewing the site. In addition, there are numerous Buddhist statues in the area. Part way up the right side of the waterfall, sits a dragon statue. The dragon statue can be reached, but one must exhibit caution to get there. In the middle of the waterfall, rests a Buddha statue that monks would presumably climb out to and pray. This statue is practically inaccessible, requiring one to walk across the steep and slippery rocks of the waterfall, a feat that is highly discouraged.

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Giant Tree of Akou

No Image of SiteThe Giant Tree of Akou is a several hundred year old sacred tree, found in the middle of Naraou. Its split trunk acts as a Tori gate for the neighboring shrine. It is said that those who pass under the sacred tree will have good luck and health. The tree is of the Ficus genus and this particular strain may be native to Taiwan.

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Catherina Boat Tour

No Image of SiteThe Catherina is a small ferry boat that provides tours of Nakadori and Wakamatsu Islands. The boat leaves from Wakamatsu port and travels north along the coast of Wakamatsu island. It passes under the large and only bridge connecting Wakamatsu and Nakadori Islands. Along the way there is much wildlife to see including white cranes, deer, and wild boar. The boat's route ends at the quaint Chunoura Church. The view of the church is especially nice from the boat during December when the Christmas lights are lit.

A variety of meals can be served on the boat including specialty sushi and seafood. Karaoke can also be sung inside the boat's interior during or after meals. For reservations, please call (+81)0959-46-2261.

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Tanna Observation Station

No Image of SiteThe Tanna Observation Station, located in the Tanna hills, is a small deck and picnic area, from which, a great view of the island can be seen. Nearby are the windmills, a landmark for much of Nakadori Island. Getting to the station is a challenge, because of the narrow curvy roads that must be traveled to reach it, but the view is well worth the effort.

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