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Shinkamigoto was formed in 2004 as the result of a merge between the smaller towns of Kamigoto, Aokata, Shinuonome, Arikawa, and Tainoura, and encompasses Nakadori and Wakamatsu islands.

Here is a break down of the name and its meaning:
Shin (新) = new
Kami (上) = upper/northern
Go (五) = five
Tou (島) = island

The primary industry for Shinkamigoto is and has been fishing. As of late, some churches have been closing down as the number of active Christians in Japan declines.

While Christianity is still a significant part of Shinkamigoto's culture, the overall number of followers has been decreases. This 2008 article provides a very in depth view of the current state of Christianity in Shinkamigoto, a former safe-haven for the secret Christians.

Modern Historic Sites

Petroleum Reserves

No Image of SiteIn a bay near Aokata, Shinkamigoto has several large petroleum containers. These containers are designed to provide Japan with an emergency supply of fuel in the event that current fuel trade becomes cut-off. They hold enough fuel to satisfy Japan's current fuel consumption rate for a week. These petroleum reserves are the largest and first of their kind in the world.