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There are many points of interest in Shinkamigoto for any traveler. There are many buildings to visit, particularly ones with religious significance. Because Nakadori is a mountainous island, there are a plethora of beautiful ocean and forest views. Shinkamigoto is culturally unique, and has a deep history of whaling and fishing. For the calendar oriented, there are a variety of festivals and events held year round.


Religion has had a very large impact on the development and history of Shinkamigoto. The most famous and visited religious sites are the numerous Christian churches, but there are also some interesting Shinto and Buddhist sites.



Having a very brief winter, Shinkamigoto is green year-round. A popular destination are the public beaches, noteworthy for exceptionally shallow water and clear sand. For those who enjoy picnics or leisurely strolls, there are many parks with great mountain and ocean views. There are a variety of other nature related sites, such as the Hifumi Waterfall, that are a bit more hidden but worth the adventure.


Socially, Shinkamigoto is unique for its culture and foods. One of the most prominent elements of Shinkamigoto culture is the whale as a result of the island's history of whaling. Whale is still eaten in Shinkamigoto and is a local favorite food along with Kamigoto udon.

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Being a somewhat small community, events and festivals are organized regularly in Shinkamigoto. There are a number of popular events on the island, especially related to sports, such as the annual Monster Man triathlon. The towns of Shinkamigoto frequently hold their own festivals, but there are also some island gathering festivals such as the dance and firefly festivals.